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12 Stranger Safety Tips: Teach Your Child

Make sure your child understands the following safety tips about strangers and suspicious behavior: A stranger is someone that your family does not know well. Don’t judge a stranger by their looks, but by their actions.  A stranger can look like anybody. They may look

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5 Trick-Or-Treat Safety Tips

1. Choosing A Safe Costume: – When deciding on halloween costumes, keep in mind that lighter and brighter colors are much safer to wear at night. – Add reflective tape to costumes and bags to help drivers to see you. – Wear flame-resistant costumes –

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8 Walking & Jogging Safety Tips

Always try to be aware of your surroundings, and always stride confidently. Avoid displaying your valuables: cash, electronic devices, expensive jewelry and clothing – possessing valuables makes you an inviting target. Avoid walking or jogging anywhere very early in the morning or late at night

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10 Safety Tips: Walking to Your Vehicle

Avoid bad neighborhoods. Be aware of your surroundings. Try to avoid walking alone. Use confident body language. Avoid dangerous situations. Avoid parking near a big van. Avoid getting into your vehicle if a big van is parked beside you.  Enter through the passenger side if

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12 Escalator & Moving Walkway Safety Tips

Avoid using escalators or moving walkways while barefoot, or wearing footwear made of soft or rubbery materials.  The far majority of escalator-related accidents are caused by these types of shoes getting stuck. Ensure that your shoelaces are tied before riding an escalator or moving walkway.

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10 Ways to Avoid Online Scams

Do not give your personal and/or financial information to strangers, whether it was requested by advertisement, phone, text message or email.  Do not call the phone numbers or click on the links that come with these types of messages. Do not wire money to a

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15 Apartment & Condo Fire Safety Tips

Do you and your family members know what to do in case of a fire emergency?  Have you ever done a fire drill at your apartment/condominium?  Maybe it is time to refresh your memory on fire safety tips – and be sure to remind your

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CPR Saves Lives – It Could Be Yours!

Do all of your staff have current CPR certification? CPR expertise saves lives. According to the American Heart Association, fewer than eight percent of individuals who suffer cardiac arrest outside a medical facility survive. Arm your team with the power to save a life.  It could

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12 Hurricane Safety Tips

The best time to prepare for hurricane season is at the beginning of the season, well before the rush.  If you do have old hurricane supplies from the previous year, replace them with new purchases, and use up the old products. Well before the storm,

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12 Fireworks Safety Tips

Sparklers and fireworks can be extremely dangerous. They can cause serious burns and even death. Fireworks safety is critically important!!! Follow these safety tip to ensure a fun and safe celebration: Check that there are no legal restrictions for your area before buying or using

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