5 Trick-Or-Treat Safety Tips

1. Choosing A Safe Costume:

– When deciding on halloween costumes, keep in mind that lighter and brighter colors are much safer to wear at night.

– Add reflective tape to costumes and bags to help drivers to see you.

– Wear flame-resistant costumes – remember, they could still catch fire, but at least they should be able to be extinguished quickly.

– Wear short, well-fitting, non-bulky costumes to lower the risk of trips, falls and catching on surroundings.  Remember that shoes should be well-fitting and sturdy also.  Costumes should be tied securely to avoid accidents.

– If you are wearing a mask, ensure vision and breathing are not restricted – consider using a make-up mask rather than a loose-fitting mask. Test costume make-up on a small area of skin first.  Fully remove the make-up before bedtime or nap time to avoid skin or eye irritation.

– All costume accessories (swords, knives etc.) should be short and made of soft, flexible materials.  Avoid possible eye injury – do not wear costume contact lenses.


2. Safely Decorating for Halloween:

– Make sure your entrance, including driveways, lawns, paths, stairs, porches etc. are free of potentially dangerous obstacles.  Ensure any flammable decorations are a safe distance from curtains, furnishings, decorations, porches, landings, walkways and doorsteps, so that costumes or other flammable objects do not accidentally brush against the flames.


3. Which Treats to Offer:

– Consider offering healthier, low-calorie treats.

– Do not offer homemade treats, unless it is to house guests who know you.  Safety-conscious parents should wisely discard homemade treats, as they have no way to know if they are safe or not to consume.


4. Trick-Or-Treating:

– Do not go alone.  Younger children should always be chaperoned by a trusted adult or an older, responsible child.  Always trick-or-treat in groups or with a trusted adult.

– Use a flashlight so that you can see and others can see you.

– Walk, don’t run between houses, and try to use sidewalks when possible, otherwise walk on the edge of the street facing on-coming traffic.

– Remember stranger safety – do not accept a ride from a suspicious-acting stranger.

– Remember to look both ways before crossing the street.

– Do not walk close to candle-lit jack o’lanterns, candles, torches or luminaries.

– Only visit houses of known residents who have the lights on.  Do not visit dark houses.

– Do not enter homes unless you are with a trusted adult.


5. Before Eating Your Treats:

– Make sure a trusted adult examines all treats before consuming.  Check for tampering and choking hazards.  Discard any suspicious-looking treats.

– Eat only commercially-made treats – homemade treats could be unsafe.

– Eat your treats in moderation.