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12 Escalator & Moving Walkway Safety Tips

12 Escalator & Moving Walkway Safety Tips

  1. Avoid using escalators or moving walkways while barefoot, or wearing footwear made of soft or rubbery materials.  The far majority of escalator-related accidents are caused by these types of shoes getting stuck.
  2. Ensure that your shoelaces are tied before riding an escalator or moving walkway.
  3. Stand in the center, avoiding the sides of steps, where it is possibly to get trapped by loose or bulky clothing or footwear. Never lean or rest your possessions on the handrail. Never sit or run on an escalator or moving walkway.
  4. Always face forward and hold the handrail.
  5. Pay extra attention if you are wearing bifocals.
  6. Pay careful attention and do not hesitate when stepping on and off, and quickly move away from the exit area as other passengers may be right behind you.
  7. Always carry an infant or young child in one arm, while leaving your other hand available to hold the handrail.
  8. Always hold an older child’s hand on escalators or moving walkways.
  9. Never allow children to play on the steps of an escalator, and always make sure they ride it in the proper manner.
  10. Never ride an escalator with a cane, wheelchair, electric scooter, stroller, walker, cart, bicycle, large suitcase, or any other oversized object or wheeled vehicle.  Remember that you always need one hand to hold the handrail.
  11. Do not use an escalator if it is not in operating.
  12. If you have the opportunity, learn where the escalator’s shutoff buttons are in case of an emergency.

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