12 Fireworks Safety Tips

Sparklers and fireworks can be extremely dangerous. They can cause serious burns and even death. Fireworks safety is critically important!!! Follow these safety tip to ensure a fun and safe celebration:

  1. Check that there are no legal restrictions for your area before buying or using fireworks.
  2. Do not purchase fireworks packaged in brown paper bags. They  can be extremely dangerous to consumers.
  3. Fireworks must always be supervised by an adult.
  4. Never allow a young child to play with or ignite any fireworks.
  5. Always have a garden hose or a bucket of water handy in case of a fire or burns.
  6. Never carry fireworks in your pocket.
  7. Never aim or throw fireworks at any person or animal.
  8. Never shoot off fireworks from metal or glass containers.
  9. Never hold any body part above a fireworks device when it is being lit. Move back to a safe distance after lighting the fuse.
  10. Light one firework, quickly move away a safe distance until it explodes, and then light the next one.
  11. Never try touching or re-lighting a firework that did not ignite fully the first time.
  12. After fireworks have been used, wet them with plenty of water before disposing of them to prevent a trash fire.