10 Safety Tips: Walking to Your Vehicle

  1. Avoid bad neighborhoods.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings.
  3. Try to avoid walking alone.
  4. Use confident body language.
  5. Avoid dangerous situations.
  6. Avoid parking near a big van.
  7. Avoid getting into your vehicle if a big van is parked beside you.  Enter through the passenger side if you have to on the opposite side from the van.
  8. Avoid getting into your vehicle if a man is sitting alone in the vehicle beside yours.  Go back to to where you came from and get a security guard or a man the you know to escort you back to your vehicle.
  9. Before getting into your vehicle, check the floor of the passenger seat and floor and in the back seat.
  10. Avoid getting into your vehicle and just sit there talking on the phone, eating, writing. etc.  Lock your doors and leave.