Commercial Security Services

Boost Security protects Commercial Enterprises

Boost Security Group takes a proactive approach to customer security, not only data security, but physical security as well.  To prevent and deter financial crimes we will utilize the latest in video surveillance security equipment and systems to monitor teller windows, processing rooms, ATMs, parking lots, lobbies and common areas to offer a most secure environment for customers, employees and staff.  The effective and highly visible presence of our Uniformed Security Officers will be a deterrent to acts of vandalism, graffiti, burglary and vagrancy, of our clients’ property.

Boost Security Group will abide by the Federal, State and Local laws and regulations established to monitor businesses.  Video surveillance and all security systems inside or outside facilities will also follow the strict established rules of surveillance.

Boost Security Group will enhance any operational systems throughout your entire property.  The best technology has to offer will be implemented, such as the use of license plates recognition software, to help identify VIP customers has they enter your property.  This will allow specifically trained personnel to greet and escort the VIP customers within the facility.

Customizing and integrating security technologies will strengthened any in-place protocol and facilitate protection of intrusion detection systems, asset tracking systems, and any other intelligent building systems.

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